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Download the Chargers BenefitBar Toolbar and support the Chargers every time you search the web!

 We are excited to share with you our CenTex Chargers Toolbar.  It will serve as a new way to stay connected, communicate, and generate revenue for our organization in a non-intrusive way.


This toolbar will not replace your existing toolbars. The features on the Toolbar are all designed to help us send new information to you and raise funds for our organization.  Also, it is designed to make your life on the internet easier.  THERE IS NO COST TO YOU.  There are no pop-ups, adware, or spyware, and your privacy is protected.  It is easy to download (takes less than 40 seconds!); just click on the link below.



                         For Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox


By using the Yahoo search box (engine) that is conveniently located on our toolbar and clicking on sponsored links when those links have information you may be interested in, you are helping us raise funds for the Chargers to keep our registration fees affordable!

Businesses that sponsor links on Yahoo provide funding for our group every time you click on their sponsored link!  Just by using your search engine as you normally do, you can raise funds for local youth sports activities. 

             There is an adult filter in this search engine that makes it even safer for children.

This search engine is the same information you receive using your current search engine, with one BIG difference; you help us raise money - without spending any additional time or writing a check!   

We hope you are proud to have our toolbar on your computer.  Please feel free to share this toolbar with your friends and family, by clicking on the Refer-A-Friend icon (square with two people on it) on the far right on your toolbar, so they can help
make a difference.

 If you have any questions or special support needs do not hesitate to contact BenefitBar (our provider) at 

or feel free to email us at

Thank you for your support! 


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