Each spring, we accept nominations for the two At Large positions on the CenTex Chargers Athletics Council.  If you would like to nominate someone, or you would like more information, please email centexchargers@yahoo.com.  Nominations will be accepted through June 15.
Our Annual Association Meeting is very important to our association.  We will elect our At Large council members and discuss many items of vital importance to the development and implementation of our programs for the coming year.  
We encourage each Charger family to make every effort to attend this meeting and fellowship!


THSC: Members of the CenTex Chargers Homeschool Sports Association are entitled to a $15 discount on the membership for for the Texas Home School Coalition.  Select our group from the menu on the online application, or choose the discounted membership fee of $85 on the paper application.

Homeschool of America: All parents and students associated with CenTex Chargers Homeschool Sports Association are entitled to a 20% discount on ALL programs and courses available on the Homeschool of America Curriculum. Here is the web site: www.homeschoolofamerica.net
 To get the discount, enter the Discount Code: EORR4171446

Easyread System: The Easyread System is a fully supported online phonics course for children with dyslexia, auditory processing issues and highly visual learning styles who struggle to read and write.  Easyread uses Guided Phonetic Reading to help kids overcome guessing, skipping words, reading stress and more.  It works through fun 15-minute daily lessons and has an unconditional refund guarantee.  If interested, we can put you in touch with another parent who has been through the course as a first-hand (unbiased!)reference.  For more information, visit www.easyreadsystem.com or email sarah@easyreadsystem.com
Mention you are a member of the CenTex Chargers when you sign up, and you will receive a 10% discount.