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2012 Chargers Baseball Intent to Participate Print


NAME: _______________________________________    AGE_______GRADE:______ DATE OF BIRTH (m/d/y)______/______/_____

                     LAST           FIRST            MI

NAME OF PARENTS OR GUARDIANS_________________________________________________________________________________


HOME ADDRESS____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

                                                                                     CITY             ST.        ZIP


HOME PHONE (_________)______________________ ALL CELL PHONES'_______________________________________________


ALL E-MAIL ADDRESSES_____________________________________________________________________________                                        

I _____________________________ DO  intend to play the 2012 Spring baseball season with the CenTex Chargers Homeschool Baseball team as evidenced by my signature and deposit of $50.00, to be applied toward my total registration fee. We, as parents/guardians,  agree to participate in the fundraising efforts set forth by the parent committees  beginning in November or pay said opt-out fees as designated.

I understand that if I decide NOT to play in the spring of 2012, I will NOT have my deposit refunded, will gladly donate it to further the Chargers Baseball team and will have no further penalties during this season or any consecutive.

Shirt size according to sizing chart located on  is________________

I agree to purchase on my own, 2 pair, of Southland unhemmed (not gathered at the bottom by elastic) baseball pants; color TBD.   Purchasable at Hollaway’s in Temple, Texas or various online sports companies.  *call for information.

SIGNED:________________________    __________________________     _____________

                                    Player                          Parent                                           Date

Thank you!!! Coach Bobby S. Nicholson



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