It is time to start thinking about the State Track Meet that will be held April 20, 2013.  We are looking for an individual or couple who are willing to serve as the Assistant Meet Directors for the 2013 meet, and learn the ropes to be able to serve as the Meet Directors in 2014.  The current Meet Directors have laid down the foundation that will make it easy for the next leaders to step into these roles, and of course they will always be around to help.
Please remember that this event benefits the entire homeschool community.  Even if you are not involved with the track program, this event benefits ALL our programs.  If you appreciate the opportunities you have with baseball, football, track & field, or volleyball, the Chargers need your help with the State Track Meet!

In addition to the Meet Director position, we also need people to fill the following roles.  Some people have already expressed an interest in these positions, or have filled them before, but we are listing them all so you know what we need.
Facility Coordinator:  Work with the facility host to communicate what equipment is needed and to understand expectations on both sides.  Be in charge of physical set up the day of the meet (tables, signs, canopies, etc.).  Be sure facility is left in good order.
T-Shirt Coordinator: Work on the design and ordering of the meet T-shirts.  Coordinate T-Shirt sales at the meet.
                                              Thank you, TASHA HEISCH, for volunteering to fill this position!
Volunteer Coordinator:  Coordinate assignment of volunteers to various jobs.
                                                Thank you, CINDY TEPOEL, for volunteering to fill this position!
Sponsorships Coordinator:  Coordinate sending sponsorship request letters, following up, and sending thank-yous.
Awards Coordinator:  Order the medals and ribbons.  Coordinate distribution of medals and ribbons at the meet.
                                   Thank you, STACY RUGH, for volunteering to fill this position!

Lodging Coordinator:  Contact local hotels to secure group rates and block rooms for the night before the meet.
Webmaster:  Design and maintain the meet registration website.

Concessions Manager and Staff: The manager would run the concessions stand if we have one, and others would cook and staff the concessions stand. 
           Thank you, GARY & CARRIE MARKHAM and PAM BUSBY, for volunteering to fill this position!

First Aid Staff:  We need health care professionals (doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, etc.) willing to be on hand in case there are any emergencies.  You would not have to be tied to the first aid station as long as we have your cell phone number.
                                Thank you, DR. GEORGE SCOTT, for volunteering to fill this position!

Event Staff:  We will need a small army to man each event, recording results, measuring throws and jumps, etc.  Field events are in the morning and running events are in the afternoon.  We need the most people in the morning.

Runners:  Teenagers or responsible older elementary students are needed to run results from the events to the press box, to the awards booth, to the posting location, throughout the meet.
Please email if you would like to serve as the Assistant Meet Director or any of these other positions.  Even if you can't fill one of these roles, we still need 60-80 volunteers the day of the meet.  Please be ready to say yes when the Volunteer Coordinator calls you!
Thank you!
John & Gayle Ash
Meet Directors
Texas State Homeschool Track & Field Championships