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Centex Chargers Football


The Centex Chargers football team was formed for the purpose of providing a Christian environment where home-schooled young men can participate in competitive football.

We start our season with a summer skills camp, usually in June or July.  After the summer camp we will have workouts until the first full week of practice.  Official practices will begin the first full week of August.  Practices will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Fridays until scheduled games begin.  Practices are held at Heritage Park in Belton.

We plan to have a tentative schedule of games available in early June.  We schedule competitive football games with area public, private, and homeschool teams.  Games usually begin the later part of August and continue through the first two weeks of November.  


To participate in ANY Chargers Football team activity (including games, practices, banquets, fund raisers, etc.), a player must meet the following requirements:

  • ·         Join the CenTex Christian Homeschool Coalition and complete football registration.
  • ·         Provide a copy of the player’s birth certificate (new players and upon request).
  • ·         Parents/Guardians must attend the required Football Parents Meeting.
  • ·         Pay all fees as they are due.


As a general rule, we make every effort to keep the registration fees concerning participation on the Chargers football team to an affordable minimum.  The seasonal registration fees pay for new player equipment, officials, game balls, and other necessary equipment.  This fee does NOT cover the remainder of the player’s specific uniform, to include: red game socks, cleats, mouthpiece, practice pants and jersey, and any special accessories the player desires.  This also does NOT include player travel to and from games, overnight accommodations, food, gas, pictures, etc.

                                 FEE FOR 2018 SEASON:                         $175

                               *A minimum $100.00 deposit is required from all players.  The remainder is due by September 15.

                                Scholarships are available to families who are experiencing financial hardship.  Email


Players are required to wear appropriate clothing and personal protective gear for ALL games and practices.  See your coach concerning personal protective gear.

About Competitive Football

Parents and players are reminded that CenTex Chargers Football is a competitive football program. Unlike Pop Warner or other pre-junior high football programs, coaches at the middle school and high school level are not required to get every player into the game. On the contrary, players and parents alike need to understand that the head coach’s job is to DEVELOP excellence in the athletes, to BUILD the team, and to WIN football games using the players that have best prepared their abilities, bodies, and team, given the distinct circumstances of each game.

The best six players will start each game.  That does not mean that the same six players will start every game.  During practice, coaches will make an assessment on who should be in the starting positions.  Coaches are encouraged (though still not required) to play all players in scrimmages, and in actual games when either team has a significant or "insurmountable" lead.  So there should be play-time opportunities for ALL players at various points during the season.  And since all players receive essentially the same practice time, drilling, instruction, etc., each player has the opportunity of progressing to the point that he may indeed be considered for greater playing time.


Our first game will be late August and our season will wrap up with playoffs taking place in November.  The schedule can be accessed on the Football page on the Chargers website.


A comparison of 6-man and 11-man game rules can be found on the Football page on the Chargers website.


Recruiting and Conditioning workouts will start in July.  Regular season practices begin the first full week of August and are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Fridays  Practice will start at 6:00 p.m. until dark and be at Heritage Park in Belton. 


All players are encouraged to attend all practices and coaches are encouraged (but not required) to consider faithful attendance as a factor when determining a particular player’s playing time. Coaches depend on reliable attendance in order to prepare organized and effective practices.  A player’s level of commitment to attendance and diligence greatly contributes to the coach’s decisions concerning his playing time.  Players/parents should notify the coach at the earliest possibility if the player will be unable to make a practice, or if he will be late to a practice.  Please give your coaches as much notice as possible if the player will be unable to make a game.


In the event or threat of inclement weather (thunderstorms or heavy rain), a coach will notify via email whether or not the practice is relocated, rescheduled, or cancelled.  While we don’t purpose to play or practice in miserable weather, we also don’t miss the opportunity to play or work hard as a team just because the weather is not ideal.  We expect players to come to ANY practice or game prepared with appropriate clothing, which could mean layers or underclothes. 


If you have a suggestion or issue concerning the team or one of the coaches, players, or other persons involved or associated with the Chargers, please consider going to them first and allowing them an opportunity to address the concern.   

If there is a continued desire to make your concerns known to the head coach, please do so in writing to:

                John Ash, Head Coach, Centex Chargers Football

                1506 Paseo del Plata, Suite 300, Temple, Texas  76502

                Or by email at:

If the problem or suggestion is specifically play-related, you may address your comments verbally to the coach, but only AFTER the game or practice.

The provisions in this policy may be modified and/or added to at any time at the sole discretion of the coaches and/or CenTex Chargers Athletics Council, and all parties are required to adhere to any revised policy.


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