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The Athletics Council is the governing body of the CenTex Chargers Homeschool Sports Association.
The athletic director and coaches/commissioners are chosen by the current Athletics Council, and the at-large representatives are elected by the membership.

CenTex Chargers Athletics Council 2017-2018

John Ash, Athletic Director

Shannon Cloe, Football Commissioner

Sena Maddux, Volleyball Commissioner

Cindy TePoel, At Large Representative


Volunteer Staff
Administrator: Gayle Ash
Administrative Assistant: (open - is it you?)
Incredible Kid Celebration Coordinator: (open - is it you?)

Sport Leadership
Football Commissioner: Shannon Cloe
Baseball Coach: Dale Kachner
Volleyball Commissioner: Sena Maddux
Track & Field Head Coach: (open - is it you?)
Basketball Head Coach: Tammy Cockrum
Soccer Head Coach: Jacob Maddux
Academics/Fine Arts Coordinator: Gayle Ash
The Athletics Council would like to also appoint:
a Development Director (to contact potential sponsors),
a Public Relations Director (to maintain our website and contact the media about our activities),
and a State Track Meet Director (to coordinate the state track meet in April 2019).
We would also like to have coordinators (who may or may not be coaches)
for swimming, cross country, golf, tennis, or any other sport in which you are interested.
If you are interested in coaching or coordinating, please click here and let us know.

If you are interested in supporting the Chargers in any of these capacities,
or if you have any other ideas to support the Chargers, please click here and let us know.

Coaches and Team Staff
For more detailed information about our coaches, please see the Meet the Coaches page! 

John Ash, Head Coach 
Shannon Cloe, Football Commissioner
David Rapp, Assistant Coach
Robert Carter, Assistant Coach

Dale Kachner, Head Coach
Additional Coaches Needed

Sena Maddux, Volleyball Commissioner
Cindy TePoel, Assistant Coach/Volleyball Treasurer
Holly Puckett, Assistant Coach - JV
Pam Busby, Scheduler
Ian Ash, Camp Coach
Jacob Maddux, Camp Coach
Tammy Cockrum, Head Coach

Chara Clark, Team Administrator

Pam Busby, Scheduler 

Track & Field
(open), Head Coach


Jacob Maddux, Head Coach

Daniel Maddux, Associate Head Coach

The CenTex Chargers appreciates all the hard work of those who have previously served on the
Athletics Council and volunteer staff!


Athletics Council: John Ash,Shannon Cloe, Sena Maddux,  and Cindy TePoel

Athletic Director: John Ash, Administrator & Webmaster: Gayle Ash, Incredible Kid Celebration Coordinator: Gayle Ash, Basketball Head Coach: Luke Sharkey, Fine Arts Coordinator: Gayle Ash, 


Athletics Council: John Ash, Shannon Cloe, Rory Heisch, Sena Maddux, Sonja Marwitz, Dave McMurry, Cindy TePoel

Athletic Director/State Track Meet Director: John Ash, Administrator & Webmaster: Gayle Ash, Administrative Assistant: Chara Clark, Incredible Kid Celebration Coordinator: Krista Wood, Basketball Head Coach: Tammy Cockrum,



Athletics Council: John Ash, Shannon Cloe, Rory Heisch, Sena Maddux, Gary Markham, Bryan Rugh, Cindy TePoel

Administrator & Webmaster: Gayle Ash

State Track Meet Director: John Ash

Incredible Kid Celebration Coordinator: Krista Wood

Athletics Council: John Ash, Pittie Castillo, Shannon Cloe, Rory Heisch, Tim Kasberg, Sena Maddux, Gary Markham, Bobby Nicholson, Bryan Rugh, Steve Standard, Cindy TePoel,  
Administrator & Webmaster: Gayle Ash, State Track Meet Director: John Ash

Incredible Kid Celebration Coordinator: Krista Wood


Athletics Council: Bobby Nicholson, Bryan Rugh, Steve Standard, Shannon Cloe, Sena Maddux, Pittie Castillo, John Ash, Rory Heisch, Tim Kasberg, Dave McMurry, Craymon Myers
Administrator & Webmaster: Gayle Ash, Promotional Director: Staci Masson, State Track Meet Director: John Ash

Athletics Council: John Allen, Joseph Butler, Jr., Bobby Nicholson, Steve Standard, Shannon Cloe, John Ash, Rory Heisch, Tim Kasberg, Dave McMurry, Craymon Myers, John Stafford
Administrator & Webmaster: Gayle Ash, State Track Meet Director: John Ash
Athletics Council: Joseph Butler, Jr., Bobby Nicholson, Bryan Rugh, Shannon Cloe, John Ash, Bob Kiesle,
Rory Heisch, Tim Kasberg, Craymon Myers, John Stafford, Mark TePoel
Administrator & Webmaster: Gayle Ash, Treasurer: Cindy TePoel, State Track Meet Director: John Ash
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