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CenTex Chargers Basketball Policies

The CenTex Chargers Basketball team was formed for the purpose of providing a Christian environment where home-schooled student-athletes can participate in competitive basketball. 

About Competitive Basketball 

Parents and players are reminded that Centex Chargers Basketball is a competitive basketball program.  Unlike recreational programs, coaches are not required to get every player into the game.  On the contrary, players and parents alike need to understand that the head coach’s job is to develop excellence in the athletes, to build the team, and to win basketball games using the players who have best prepared their abilities, bodies, and team, given the distinct circumstances of each game

The “best” 5 players will start each game.  That does not mean that the same 5 players will start every game.  During practice, coaches will make an assessment of who should be in the starting positions as the “best” 5 for the upcoming game.  Coaches are encouraged (though still not required) to play all players in games when either team has a significant or "insurmountable" lead.  There should be game-time opportunities for all players at various points during the season.  And since all players receive essentially the same practice time, drilling, instruction, etc., each player has the opportunity of progressing to the point that she/he may indeed be considered for greater playing time


To participate in ANY Chargers Basketball team activity (including games, practices, banquets, fundraisers, etc.), a player must meet the following requirements: 

Provide a copy of the player’s birth certificate.

  Provide a physical every 2 years.

Submit a signed Participation Agreement, which includes Medical and Photo Release and Waiver of Liability. (via online registration)

Pay all fees as they are due.

At least one parent must attend the required parent meeting or make an appointment to go over this information with the head coach. 


As a general rule, we make every effort to keep the registration fees concerning participation on the Chargers Basketball team to an affordable minimum.  The seasonal registration fees pay for new player equipment, officials, game balls and other necessary equipment.  (The uniform provided is property of CenTex Chargers and should be returned to the association following the final game of the season.)  This fee does NOT cover the remainder of the player’s specific uniform, to include: socks, appropriate shoes, and any special accessories the player desires.  This also does NOT include player travel to and from games, overnight accommodations, food, gas, pictures, etc.

FEE FOR 2015-2016 SEASON:       $100 for JV Girls            $80 for Middle School Boys & Girls

Scholarships are available to families who are experiencing financial hardship or who have more than one child playing basketball. Please email for more information. 

Registration is online at  Registration deadline is October 3, 2015 for the fee of $100 payable in person.  After this deadline, registration may occur online but payment will be necessary online for a fee of $120.  Please contact CharaClark if you have any questions concerning your registration.


 For practices, please wear shorts not more than 3 inches above the knees and shirts with sleeves.


To keep the registration cost low, we may participate in some fundraising activities. Participation in these activities is required.


The evaluation process is a way for us to determine the desire and ability of each player. Players who desire to play basketball for the Chargers are required to attend this evaluation. Players who miss evaluations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  During evaluations, you will be evaluated on your speed and agility as well as other basketball-related skills and knowledge.  All players who show determination, drive, positive attitude, and character as a team player will be able to participate on a Charger Basketball team. 


We start our basketball season with practices beginning the first week of September .  We schedule competitive games with area public, private, and homeschool teams as well as tournaments.  Games usually begin in late October and continue through the end of February.  

The game and practice schedule can be accessed on the Shutterfly Basketball page for each team. 


Each of the CenTex Chargers teams has a Shutterfly page to help manage all information and responsibilities of each team.  Your registration email will be added to the Shutterfly account and you will need to access this page for ALL information.  This is our communication tool with the athlete and their family concerning the basketball team.


All players are encouraged to attend all practices and coaches are encouraged (but not required) to consider faithful attendance as a factor when determining a particular player’s playing time. Coaches depend on reliable attendance in order to prepare organized and effective practices. A player’s level of commitment to attendance and diligence greatly contributes to the coach’s decisions concerning her playing time. Players/parents should notify the coach at the earliest possibility if the player will be unable to attend a practice, or if she will be late to a practice. Please give your coach as much notice as possible if the player will be unable to make a game. 



If you have a suggestion or issue concerning the team or one of the coaches, players or other persons involved or associated with the Chargers, please consider going to them first and allowing them an opportunity to address the concern. 

If there is a continued desire to make your concerns known to the head coach,please do so in writing to: 

Sonja Marwitz, Basketball Commissioner, ad Coach, Centex Chargers Basketball 1506 Paseo del Plata, Suite 300, Temple,Texas 76502 Or by email at: 

If the problem or suggestion is specifically play-related, you may address your comments verbally to the coach,but only after the game or practice. 

Concerns may also be addressed to the Athletic Director at 

The provisions of the Basketball policies may be modified and/or added to at any time at the sole discretion of the coaches and Athletics Council, and all parties are required to adhere to any revised policy. 


OR CALL/TEXT Luke Sharkey, Head Coach, CenTex Chargers Basketball, 267-441-0181

 OR CALL/TEXT Chara Clark, Team Administrator, CenTex Chargers Basketball, 254-466-9400,

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