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Soccer Schedule 2016-2017

Participation Guidelines

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Hello Chargers! This is our first year to have a coed soccer team! We are excited for the upcoming season, and it's not too late to sign up to play! Practices start November 1st and our first game is on November 17th.

 The soccer program is run by coaches Jacob and Daniel Maddux. They are brothers looking to help young people grow as athletes and as Christians.


Games can be found on the season schedule here. Practices will be held at the Holy Trinity Catholic School field.

Practices start November 1st, and our last game is on January 31st. We had to do quite a bit of research in finding teams to play, and because we've never scheduled games with anyone, we had to work with whatever available dates they gave us on their schedules. That means that both games and practices will be irregular on different weeks. Any given week we may play or practice on any given day, except Wednesdays and Sundays. We have recently created a schedule detailing every game and practice. Currently we have fifteen games scheduled, including a two-day tournament at Holy Trinity. We understand that not all players will be able to adjust to accommodate our changing weekly schedule, and that is why we have scheduled so many practices: to give the players more opportunities to play and improve themselves whenever they are available. In the years to come, we hope to be more consistent with games and practices as to help players and their parents meet their schedules with ease. As the program grows, we want to eliminate possible curve balls, and produce more opportunities for the players to hit home runs! I know that was a baseball metaphor, and that we are playing soccer, but the analogy still applies! We will have two more opportunities for the players to come out and get to know each other and the coaches on October 13th and 22nd at 6:00 at Lions Park in Temple.

The cost to play on the team is $100, which will be due by November 1st along with the online registration and a completed physical form. All registration concerning Charger sports is done online. The link to registration can be found at the top of this page.

Players and parents also need to thoroughly read the Centex Charger Guidelines which can be found in the menu on the left side of this page.

One of the player's parents, Raymond Ceniceros, is going to be able to secure a good deal on uniforms for the our team. All shorts for girls and boys can be no more than three inches above the knee, and this rule applies to all games and all practices.  Shorts that fit these rules can be found at the Academy Sports and Outdoors Center located in Temple. For practices, the kids can wear any appropriate t-shirt or athletic shirt with sleeves, and any shorts that fit the 3-inch rule. They will also need cleats, shin guards, soccer practice socks (game socks will be provided for games only), and warm athletic wear such as a toboggan, long sleeves, a hoodie, etc. for the cooler months. While we will provide water and/or electrolyte drinks for the players at all events, they are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottles or coolers.

The Centex Chargers is a Christian sports organization, which means we are not only dedicated to helping kids be the best athletes they can be, but also helping them become the best Christians that they can be. We will start every practice and game with a short devotional and prayer. We will also give the kids an opportunity to share their faith and encourage their teammates, which will build team unity and glorify God. We want to ensure that this program is founded on Christ alone, and that the kids can be unified in his name. This first year is so important because it sets the tone for the years to come. We have a mighty God, so we know we can do it!

To register for soccer this coming season, click HERE!

Make sure you have had a physical for you child within the last two years. if a player hasn't had a physical, they need to schedule and complete one before November 1st! There is some information about where you can get physicals in the menu on the left side of this page.

We pray that God's blessing falls upon you as you serve him!

Coach Jacob Maddux
(254) 315-1123



The following information about area soccer programs is provided as service to our homeschooling community. BCYC and CenTex Storm are not a part of the CenTex Chargers. However, many homeschoolers have participated with them, and they are well-established programs.  

        Belton Christian Youth Center

          CenTex Storm